How Difficult to Take Pre-Wedding Photos

原本應該是隔三個月要講我的Toastmaster C5演講,但這這幾個月有好幾個新人加入,插入了他們的C1演講,我的C5就被延到1月了。這次要練習的主旨是Your Body Speaks,需要演講搭配肢體動作、表情、目光,想了很久不知道要講什麼好,剛好聽到同事說準備婚事、另外一個講到跳舞,我就想到可以講我拍婚紗照的艱難但很搞笑的動作。

Last time Eli told us she was busy with her wedding preparation. Our dear Joe and Agatha will start to prepare their wedding this year. That brought back many memories of my wedding, particularly the difficulties in taking pre-wedding photos.

It was easy and quick for me to pick up pre-wedding dresses, location, and photos. Only 3 principles:

1. What kind of dresses to choose? Any dresses that would make me look skinny!
2. Where to take pre-wedding photos? Anywhere that would include our memories, for example Taipei 101
3. What photos to choose? If that package I bought only had 20 photos, and I had 5 styles of dresses, 20 divided by 5 is 4. Then just picked up 4 photos for each style.

See that was so easy for me but for most of people it was quite difficult to make decisions.

But I didn’t know doing all the posture for the pre-wedding photos was so difficult! I thought I was so good at smiling and doing posture. That was NOT THE CASE!

I was having Pilates classes at that time. Pilates is similar to Yoga but I still felt so difficult to make the posture requested by the Photographer.

3 keywords: stretch, hold, and smile

For example, 1. the Photographer pulled a chair and asked me to sit down. Face needed to turn the other way, stretch my legs straight that made me look sexy. HOLD for 10 seconds and SMILE. Move the chin up, more and more, and smile. Show me your face

2. or hold up a bunch of flowers, camera was ahead of me, light was so strong that I couldn’t open my eyes but I couldn’t close eyes, and 3 keywords: stretch, hold, and smile

Imagine doing the yoga, we wouldn’t smile for some difficult stretches. But we had to smile at shooting photos.

3. Besides these yoga-like postures, I felt difficult to make sexy postures in front of camera. For example,......

4. Not only me feeling difficult to do the postures, my husband felt the same too. He didn’t like to take photos and was even worse to do some simple postures. For example this manly posture:

At the end of the day, my cheek was REALLY sore. I couldn’t smile any more. I rather laugh out without moving my muscles at this area.

I felt so exhausted after one-day shooting. (I didn’t know on the wedding day was even more exhausted). I totally understood modeling is not an easy job and realized I am NOT good at that.

After all, pre-wedding photo shooting is just one of the procedures of wedding. That would only take a few months. But marriage is a life-long management which we need to spend more time and efforts on that, rather than spending time on the wedding.


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