My walk to the Lake Kinrin in Fuyuin, Japan

又隔了三個月我再繼續講我的Toastmaster C4演講,這次要練習的主旨是How to say it,需要很多形容詞譬喻詞,讓人有身歷其境的感覺,就把兩週前去由布院金鱗湖的感受拿出來說。

I had a family trip to Kyushu, Japan, the week before last week. When you were having the Toastmaster meeting last time, I was in Yufuin.

Yufuin is a little town in Oita Prefecture in Kyushu, popular with travelers for the hot spring. One of the natural landmark and tourist attraction is the Lake Kinrin. きんmeans golden and りんmeans the fish scales. This name was given by a Japanese Confucian in 1884 because he saw the sunset light reflected on the lake waves which looked like golden fish scales.

The small lake is about 1.5 km walk from the station.

I asked the hotel staff, how long does it take to walk to the Lake Kinrin? すいません~金鱗湖までどのぐらいかかりますか?30分です。へ~!!The staff said 30 minutes.

I was stunt that lake was so far away. If an adult would take 30 min to walk, kids will take even longer than 40-50 min.

I was a little bit hesitating to take my 2 kids to walk almost an hour under such hot burning sunny day. The climate was humid hot there just like Taipei now. Here we are all staying inside with air-conditioned but I needed to stay outside while we were travelling. We were almost melting like snow cones.

My full package of sun protective gears was on! Including sun-blocks all over my face and arms, hat, sleeve covers, sun glasses, umbrella with black lining. I didn’t care if I look silly like a rural farmer. But my husband and kids felt silly to cover up the body. They just used sun-protective umbrella and at the end of the day, they got sunburn.

Along the walk path to the lake, there were many interesting cafes, tea houses and boutiques. We walked in shop every 100 meters, just wanted to get cooled down because of the air conditioning. So actually it took us 1.5 hours to reach the lake! Hahaha! Of course we bought some toys and drinks.

Finally we reached the lake. It expanded our horizons. The lake was in aquamarine green color and the mountain was in deep green color. My husband thought Taiwan’s 梅花湖 is better. But I thought Lake Kinrin was better because the houses at the lakeside were very stylish. The Lake Kinrin Hotel has snow white wall and water blue roof.

A cool breeze blew through the lake. We all felt rescued, just like in the heaven. The lakeside was so beautiful. The time stood still, very calm.

We took a rest at the lake side for a half hour and didn’t want to move any more.

But it was lunch time. We had to leave and find a restaurant. It was like forcing kids to leave the Lego Amusement Park. So the first criteria we chose the place to eat was air conditioning! We found a traditional soba noodle restaurant – soba noodle is 蕎麥麵. It had perfect room temperature and served cold soba noodles and iced wheat tea. We were so happy found this restaurant – moving from the lakeside heaven to another heaven.

But we still needed to face the reality – we needed to walk back to the station! This is life, C’est la vie!

After a long rest, we could walk faster and ate ice blocks on the way back to the station. To end up our journey to Lake Kinrin.


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